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Pahare lucrate manual
Compania sc.Andre a fost infiintata in 2005 cu scopul de a duce mai departe traditia mestesugului sticlariei , intr-un mod modern inbinind arta cu utilul, folosind creatiile noastre inregistrate la OFICIUL DE STAT PENTRU INVENTI SI MARCI oferind clientilor calitate si eleganta prin lucru manual.
Paharele,vazele,carafele cat si restu produselor sunt o combinatie fantastica intre pahare (etc) suflate bine tratate si o gama diversa de culori si modele.Sunt lucrate cu multa atentie , continind pasta de ceramica, aur industrial,platina industrial si cobalt,acest lucru dandu-le un rafinament aparte.
Toate produsele create si comercializate de sc.Andre sunt oferite spre vanzare sub marca noastra proprie , de asemenea inregistrata la OFICIUL DE STAT PENTRU INVENTI SI MARCI care pe langa certificatul de garantie eliberat cumparatorului la fiecare articol, asigura calitate si seriozitate.
Ca pozitie pe piata avem drept exclusiv de a produce si comercializa pe teritoriul Romaniei in consecinta suntem unici producatori si distribuitori in Romania.

Pahare personalizate Va putem oferi la comanda, pahare personalizate, cu sigla unei firme, pahare pentru nunti, botezuri, restaurante, etc. cu modelele dorite.

Handmade glassesl
Sc Andre Cristal srl Company was established in 2005 aiming to continue the glass-making craft by combining art and utility in a modern way, employing our creations registered at THE STATE OFFICE FOR INVENTIONS AND TRADEMARKS in order to provide our customers with crafted quality and elegance. The glasses, vases and carafes , as well as the other products, are a fantastic combination of well-treated blown glasses and a diverse scale of colors and patterns. They are minutely crafted and contain ceramics paste, industrial gold, industrial platinum which give them an exquisite refinement. All products designed and traded by Sc Andre Cristal SRL are sold under our own trade mark, which is also registered at THE STATE OFFICE FOR INVENTIONS AND TRADEMARKS, which guarantees our quality and seriousness, together with the warranty certificate issued to the customer. As market share we detain the exclusive rights to produce and trade all over Romania, therefore being exclusive producers and distributors for Romania.

Custom glasses
We can provide custom, custom glasses, with a company logo, glasses for weddings, baptisms, restaurants, etc. desired models.
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